Cold Chain

Zebra Technologies

IoT application for real-time temperature tracking using bluetooth.


  • Date: Nov 2016
  • In: IoT
  • Skills: UX Design, Wireframing, Visual Design, Project Management
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Cold Chain is a temperature tracking system that was designed to work with Zatar Cloud Platform. Cold Chain allows enterprises to keep track of their shipments real-time, so that any indication of rising temperatures can be dealt with on the spot.

I designed these applications with the use of Material Design from Google and supervised the development of all applications myself.

Applications for every step in the logistics chain.

Using the handheld application, the driver can add temperature tags to each box. The handheld device will then constantly keep track of the shipment temperature and send this information to the cloud. Any indication of rising temperature will be communicated to both the driver through the handheld application, and a manager through email and the browser application.

Zebra handheld devices for quick onboarding

Onboarding a shipment, boxes within the shipment and temperature tags for the boxes needs to be a quick and easy process, so as to save time for the driver. By using the Zebra handheld device, a shipment label barcode can be scanned, immediately loading the necessary shipment details into the application.

Tablets at shipment destination

For good measure, I also designed a simple tablet application to be present at the shipments' destination. This tablet would recognise a shipment coming through the entrance gate, scan all temperature tags and register the shipments arrival time and temperature.

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