Mijn Huis Veilig


A mobile app designed for easy improvements for your home safety.


  • Date: April 2016
  • In: Mobile App
  • Skills: Concept, Advice, Visual Design, UX Design

Interpolis is an insurance company that specialises in material damage. They are very keen on innovating their customer service: particularly to help customers to prevent damage by incentivising home safety improvement. ‘Mijn Huis Veilig’ (‘My Safe Home’) is a mobile app that helps customers to do this in an easy and fun way.

Make home improvement easy and fun

Increasing prevention is a major goal for most insurance companies. Encouraging customers to invest in their own home through simple maintenance and safety precautions will prevent future damages and thus costs for Interpolis. Doing this in a friendly way, not by punishing customers if they fail, but encourage them to succeed and even reward them when they do, will increase customer satisfaction and give Interpolis an overall competitive advantage to other companies.

The main challenge was to make it easy and even fun for customers to identify safety issues in their home and to fix them. Interpolis usually works with their regular app developer, however I was specifically asked to help with the design for this app from my experience with Game Design Thinking and Gamification.

'Home Chore Tinder'

We designed something we’d like to call ‘Klus Tinder’ (Home Chore Tinder). The overall idea is that you have a kind of card stack with easy, simple, tasks to improve home safety. None of these tasks should take longer than an hour. Users could easy swipe left or right, depending on whether they wanted to take on the job.

In order to make it easy even for laymen to check whether a safety measure has been implemented already or not, we also implemented an easy instant message function that would allow customers to immediately get in touch with an expert from Interpolis. Making pictures of the subject and sending them through, so the expert can identify and give individual advice.

Future plans

Besides allowing users to easy increase their home safety and security, it would eventually also allow Interpolis to gain more insights into the average safety precautions that their customers have implemented in their homes. The eventual goal is to be able to measure customers’ home safety in such a way that will even allow for insurance discounts in the long run, depending on the amount of measures taken.

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