Cooking Fox

Online CMS for location-based mobile apps with beacons and GPS.


  • Release Date: July 2017
  • In: Cross-Platform
  • Skills: Concept, PM, Research, Product Design, Marketing, UX Design, Wireframing, Visual Design

Stibble is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product set up by Cooking Fox. It consists of an online content management system that would allow the user to create their own location based apps with text, images and audio. The product consists of the CMS, a beacon monitoring tool, an app publication service, and of course the mobile app for both Android and iOS.

'Squarespace for Location Apps'

The main goal for Stibble was to become the next ‘Squarespace for location apps’, allowing organisations to create and publish beautiful, easy location-apps themselves through an online editor. Stibble could be used for both inside and outside areas and would make the publication of simple location apps both cheaper and easier.

Marketing and Design

Stibble was a product by Cooking Fox, my own company, meaning that besides the ‘usual’ user needs, technical and design challenges, I also had to do my own market research and write a business plan, including pricing strategy and revenue models. The most interesting design challenge was to explain the relation between beacons, GPS coördinates, locations in the CMS and the content within to non-technical users.

Stibble Beta Launch

Stibble was designed and developed as a beta minimum viable product (MVP) in July 2017, including the website, inviting first organisations to sign up for the beta. The concept and technology was used for the audiotour “Vooruit, naar buiten!” (“Come on, go outside!”) in Sittard. Unfortunately, because of personal reasons, my partner and I decided to end Cooking Fox as a company shortly afterwards, cutting the product development short.

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