Educational game about train travel that showcases different aspects and experiences of The Railwaymuseum.


  • Date: June 2010
  • In: Game
  • Skills: Concept, PM, User Research, Play Testing, Game Design, Character Design, UX Design, Wireframing
Visit Project

I created this while I was still a student at the School of the Arts in Utrecht as design lead and team lead of 8 other students. The Railway Museum wanted an online game that would showcase different aspects of the Railway Museum while teaching something about train travel to kids from 8 to 12 years old.

Introduction to the Railway Museum

A small introduction animation showed new players around in The Railway Museum. We added an Augmented Reality 'key' so players can unlock the museum. The AR markers could be downloaded and printed from the website, or they could be handed out on flyers, inviting kids to go play the game online.

Four worlds, four experiences

The Railway Museum has four 'worlds' that offer four different experiences to their visitors. We added those worlds in the game as well, offering gameplay within each world that correlates to the experience within the museum. For example, World 1 tells something about the invention of the steam train in the museum. In the game, players will be able to build their own locomotive there.

World 2 is all about luxury travel, highlighting for example the very famous Orient Expres. In the game, players can create passenger cars and fit them out with all kinds of luxury furniture.

Comfort, speed and capacity.

After building their steam locomotive and train wagons, players can test it out on the travel part in World 3. Here, they will meet three different characters that represent the most important aspects of a well functioning train: comfort, speed and capacity. They will have to try to appease all three characters in order to earn as much money as possible. Obviously, making all three characters happy is quite difficult! For example, lots of space means more comfort in the train, but also a larger train that will arrive more slowly at it's destination, angering the business man.

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