Graduation Project

Mobile application for people with a cognitive disability.


  • Date: September 2011
  • In: Mobile App
  • Skills: Concept, Research, Development, UX Design, Wireframing

Vinni is a mobile application that makes it easier for people with a cognitive disability to express their opinion.

Express your feelings and opinions

People with a cognitive disability have trouble expressing their opinion, because it is more difficult for them to communicate verbally and to remember things. They are also usually not able to read or write and cannot write down their thoughts in order to remember them. Caregivers can help, but this does not allow for the client to have complete freedom in their choice of subject to talk about, as this is usually left up to the guardian or caregiver.

Discuss your feelings with family or caregivers

People with a cognitive disability can use Vinni for Mobile to express their opinion, simply by taking a picture of the subject and adding a Vinni-emoticon to it. Family or caregivers can view all pictures incuding the Vinni-emoticons on the iPad and use them to communicate more efficiently with the client about their feelings and needs.

iZovator Award

In October 2011, Vinni won the iZovator Award for best idea for healthcare in the region of Gooi- en Vechtstreek, the Netherlands. Main selling point was the focus on user-centered design en research. I graduated on this project. My thesis was called "Client-centred communication in Long Term Care: a Design Perspective". Of course I've also conducted extensive research on the do's and don'ts in designing digital applications for people with disabilities, both from a cognitive as well as a physical perspective.

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