Zatar Cloud Platform

Zebra Technologies

Zatar Cloud Platform is one of the first enterprise solutions for connecting devices using the internet of things (IoT).


  • First release Date: Sept 2015
  • In: IoT System
  • Skills: Concept, Research, Product Design, UX Design, Wireframing, Visual Design, Front End, Project Management

Zebra Technologies is a global market leader when it comes to digital solutions for logistics. Starting out as a manufacturer of barcode printers in the '70s (hence the name 'Zebra'), they have grown to include the latest innovations in asset tracking technology. From around 2010, Zebra has started to explore the possiblities of the internet of things when it comes to enabling different devices to connect and communicate with each other.

I have worked with Zebra Technologies to create the user case scenario's, concepts, UX and UI design for Zatar Cloud platform over a period of 5 years. After Zatar gave Zebra their first proof of concept, it is currently being re-branded to the name of 'Savanna' to allow for even larger integration with all of Zebra Technologies' devices.

Zebra Technologies: About Zatar

After I had explored the first and most likely user case scenarios for an enterprise IoT platform, we worked together with IDEO to create a branding and style for the platform Zatar. I used IDEO's branding concept to extrapolate for the design architecture, UI and UX design for the platform.

Scalable UI for data visualisation

An interesting challenge for me was to design a usable and scalable UI that would allow for all kinds of different sensor data to be visualised in a way that would allow for quick first-glance interpretation of it's data. I had to think about creating measurements and units that can be scaled or changed according to the exact type of data that is being recorded. I also considered the fact that a non-technical user should be able to interpret the data in a way that can be understood more easily. For example, how do you visualise the data that comes from the x, y, and z axis of an accelerometer?

The Zatar universe

Co-operation with other users was another interesting challenge. We created the concept of the 'Zatar Universe' to allow for more easy understanding of the different layers of sharing data with other users. Every account gets at least one 'private' universe, of which they hold ownership, but they can also share their worlds with other users and gain access as members to other users' worlds. Then there are certain public worlds, where all data is shared publicly and can be accessed by anyone (read only access of course).

UI Definitions

I also wrote the guide for the structuring of json files for allowing third party developers to make use of Zatars infrastructure and UI for their own devices. Here is an example of writing a part of what we call a "UI Definition" json file to allow the Zatar UI to execute commands to your device.

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